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Team Highlight: “New” Chief Medical Director Dr. Robert Shiroff


After a storied career as one of the nation’s foremost cardiologists, Dr. Shiroff needed a change. While the fast-pace of running his sizeable cardiology practice was becoming too much for him physically, his mind was sharper than ever. So rather than stepping down, he stepped up, answering an online ad for telemedicine cardio echo reads for transplant donor hearts.

When Dr. Shiroff first started reading donor echos for CompuMed, we all knew we had something special on our hands. His passion for serving the transplant community was only surpassed by his knowledge and skill at discerning the vital details of an echo and his ability to translate that into actionable intelligence for coordinators managing donor cases. And when we say he read a lot of echos, his skill and accuracy allowed him to very quickly outpace even our highest expectations. In a matter of months, it became clear that Dr. Shiroff didn’t know the meaning of “slowing down.” According to our estimates, he has read more donor echos than any doctor, ever.

“When you don’t do everything you can to salvage an organ, you’re leaving organs on the table and losing lives, because heart transplants work.”

Dr. Robert Shiroff

Not long thereafter, Dr. Shiroff began offering guidance and wisdom beyond  donor echos, and into our company protocols and procedures. Before we knew it, Dr. Shiroff became our de facto Medical Director, starting with reading donor echos and moving into a position of trust and leadership within CompuMed. 

And for a while, nobody thought anything about it, it was just natural. When we had a question about how a new piece of technology would fit in with our services, we reached out to Dr. Bob. When a new doctor came onboard, Dr. Bob came alongside as a mentor. When a process was inefficient, Dr. Bob helped refine it. And when a client was unhappy with the way certain readings were being delivered, Dr. Bob stepped in to translate, trouble-shoot and re-orient our processes to better meet the client’s needs, resulting in happier clients and happier doctors – and as an end result, helping the recipient.

On behalf of the CompuMed team, it has been an honor and a joy for all of us to work with Dr. Shiroff.”

Lee Keddie, CEO

And he would be the first to tell you, for Dr. Bob, it’s all about the transplant, because he is all about the patient. He seeks to honor the donor’s incredible gift by never letting an organ go without doing all within his power to save it. When he reads an echo, he calls the coordinator to learn more about the donor so he can glean any additional information to share with the transplant surgeon, doing everything in his power to try and save a life. 

“The saving of a heart is the saving of a life.”

Dr. Robert Shiroff

When the leadership at CompuMed offered him the official position of Chief Medical Director, Dr. Shiroff responded as only he can, “It has been my pleasure and will continue to be a privilege to work with everyone involved at CompuMed as we work to save more lives.” 

His responsibilities will include guiding new protocols, mentoring doctors, advising our board on medical matters, speaking into business matters as only he can, and of course, reading more donor echos than anyone ever in the history of medicine. 

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