CompuMed’s diagnostic telemedicine solution is not a “product” but actually a set of components that enable our clients’ processes, systems and workflows to become more efficient and effective. We bring together “best-in-class” software, devices and specialists to make them work for you.

We understand that the medical industry has a unique environment that can make healthcare delivery very costly and complex for many reasons. Throughout the 30 years since CompuMed was founded, we have continued to develop HIPPA compliant components to address emerging issues.

Many physicians free-lance in the area of providing remote reading services.  There are also a handful of national organizations that provide cardiology or radiology exam interpretation services. CompuMed is unique in that it has the ability to provide an end-to-end solution across an entire organization encompassing both telecardiology and teleradiology.

CompuMed’s Diagnostic Telemedicine solutions, include: