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Correctional Healthcare Telemedicine

CompuMed, Inc. specializes in Correctional Telemedicine to improve patient care, reduce liability, and eliminate unnecessary ER transports. We leverage leading-edge technologies with our “Best-of-the-Best”, Board-Certified specialists to deliver timely, actionable diagnostic interpretations — allowing correctional professionals to reduce the doubt in “When in doubt, send them out.”

We provide services and equipment to over half of the State Departments of Corrections (DOCs) across America. Our clients include most of the Correctional Managed Care companies and many County and City jails.

30 Minute STAT ECGs from our Board-Certified Cardiologists
Reduce ER Transports!

Correctional Specialties

  • ECG
  • Echo
  • STAT Reads
  • Ultrasound
  • Chest CT
  • Chest X-Ray
  • MRI
Mobile Imaging
  • Ultrasound
  • Chest CT
  • Chest X-Ray
Diagnostic Equipment
  • Fully Integrated ECG Machines
  • Portable Ultrasound
  • Holter Monitors/Event Monitors
EMR Compatibility
  • All tests system-wide automatically upload into your EMR
  • Overreads/Reads upload into your EMR
  • Support all major industry-standard interfacing technologies

Correctional Healthcare Diagnostic Program

Through our Enterprise Telemedicine Solution for Corrections, CompuMed has been able to address the unique aspects of providing healthcare to the correctional environment. In doing so, the largest prisons and jails in the U.S. have used CompuMed solutions to reduce costs without sacrificing patient care.


Exam Interpretations and Video Consultations

CompuMed’s network of Board-Certified specialists provide cardiology and radiology exam interpretations with turn-around times that include 1-hour STATs, 30-minute STATs, and Critical Care Consults. Our physicians are also able to provide consultations by phone and video.


Our 30 Minute STAT Overreads
are Becoming the New Standard

Customer Portal

Our cloud-based portal allows you to securely view, manage, and share your case data. Electronic exam information is available in real time and is directly tied into the CompuMed workflow, where we monitor and process tests 24/7.

  • Secure Access and Infrastructure – HIPAA Compliant
  • Comprehensive Image Management
  • EMR Integration
  • Retain Medical Records
  • Comparison Studies


Why spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on your own PACS?

when you can use CompuMed’s virtual PACS

EMR Compatibility

CompuMed supports every major industry standard interface technology, including HL7 and API, enabling our clients to transmit and receive information instantly. Using your existing user directory systems, we can provide Single-Sign-On to our online services, making user management seamless. This gives you the choice to either connect our services directly into your EMR and devices or utilize our systems instead.

Diagnostic Equipment

CompuMed provides the flexibility to rent or purchase our integrated portable ECG and ultrasound equipment.  We offer full support on our devices; from device troubleshooting to guiding our clients, step-by-step, through operation and uploading of test results. Our equipment is telemedicine enabled and can securely transmit over an analog phone line, encrypted cellular or via your LAN network.

mac2000 ecg

Mobile Exam Services

CompuMed’s network of certified technicians and sonographers can go directly to jails and prisons to administer all major types of cardiology and radiology exams, including X-Ray, Ultrasound, ECG, Chest CT, and Echo studies. Our business model addresses the challenges associated with information technology security because we take care of the process associated with transmitting exams to and from our specialists.

24/7 Customer Support

Our call center provides 24/7 customer support to ensure that your personnel have the support they need, when they need it. We also provide comprehensive training to ensure you are able to fully utilize and seamlessly integrate our equipment and services into your workflow. Training can be provided onsite or remotely.


Why CompuMed?

Lower Costs by Decreasing Inmate Transfers

Correctional facilities can minimize the cost and risk associated with transferring inmates to off-site medical facilities.

Integrate Into Your Existing EMR

Tests and reads can be uploaded into most EMR systems.

Securely Access Patient Data From Anywhere

Test results can be stored and remotely accessed on CompuMed’s HIPAA Compliant Portal. Your providers can review test results from their smart phone, tablet or computer.

Customizable Services Offer an Affordable Solution

Flexible equipment acquisition with Rental and Purchase plans available. Pay for specialists only when you use them.

Improve Health Outcomes

Reliable, timely, and accurate interpretations from our highly experienced specialists enables you to diagnose and treat symptomatic inmates quickly.

Customized Solutions for Correctional Healthcare

MAC 2000 ECG System

The latest ECG technology – GE Healthcare’s MAC 2000 is fully integrated into CompuMed’s telemedicine platform.

  • Latest ECG Algorithm Technology 
  • Secure & Flexible Communication 
  • Seamless Integration with CompuMed’s Servers 
  • EMR Compatible
  • Rent or Purchase

mac2000 ecg
Wireless Cardiac Monitoring Patch

Extended ambulatory cardiac monitoring gives you a larger and clearer window into your patient’s heart rhythm.  

  • Proven Clinical Accuracy
  • No Wires! 
  • Flexible Monitoring Time 
QT Prolongation Tracking

When prescribing certain medications, such as some psychotropic drugs, it is suggested that you take a baseline ECG then perform follow-ups to track changes to the patients QTc to avoid the risk of sudden cardiac death.

  • Transmit baseline & follow-up ECGs to CompuMed portal
  • All ECGs will be plotted on our easy-to-view QT Prolongation Graph
  • Print or download the QT Prolongation Graph to share or upload into your EMR
QT prolongation tracking

Chest Pain Readiness Platform

CompuMed has developed a comprehensive platform to equip correctional facilities for chest pain management. Each level is an additional “perimeter of defense”, providing actionable information to improve triage decisions and reduce unnecessary ER transports. Reduce the DOUBT in “When in doubt, send them out”!

  • Current tech/quality ECG device, up-to-date algorithm
  • Quality supplies (paper/electrodes) available
  • Trained personnel
  • Transmit ECG
  • Available to DOC staff/others
  • EMR integration
  • CompuMed’s Cardiologists are U.S.-Based, Board-Certified
  • STAT overreads 24/7/365
  • Auto STATs for Abnormal Test Results
  • Automatic notifications to providers/Medical Directors
  • Patient Insights:
    • Identifying “frequent flyers”
    • Intermittent symptom solutions (Holter/patch)
  • Systemic Organizational Patterns:
    • Device readiness (red/yellow/green) transmission
    • Artifact/poor ECG Root Cause identification (training issues, supply issues etc.)
chest pain readiness platform

CompuMed's Diagnostic Services

ECG, X-ray, Ultrasound, MRI, and CT Scan Reads
STAT Reads Available
24/7 Access to Board-Certified Experts
EMR / EHR Integration
HIPAA Compliance
Upload Tools to Augment Image Transfers from CDs
Image Sharing Capabilities (Internal and External)
Image Archiving Available
24/7 Technical Support
Specialized Training (Integration & Workflow Mgmt.)
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