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Fast & Accurate ECG & Echo Readings
For Rural Hospitals


Partnering with CompuMed can revolutionize your hospital. By utilizing CompuMed for your Cardiology readings, you will reduce turnaround times to as little as 60 minutes to 24 hours based on your needs. You will also increase service offerings, improve efficiency, productivity, and patient outcomes—all while potentially saving costs and maintaining/increasing revenue.

As the leading provider of remote clinical analysis for hospitals, CompuMed delivers fast and reliable ECG and Echo readings performed by highly skilled physicians. Our online portal is designed for ease-of-use and built to integrate with your PACS and EMR—delivering results in as little as two hours directly to where you need them, when you need them. Our scalable solution can be utilized by hospitals “as needed” such as 24/7, during peak periods, after hours, or during times when in-house specialists are on vacation.

We can receive Echos and ECGs right out of your PACS, into our secure, HIPAA compliant platform, and turn around expert diagnostics faster, at lower cost and with predictable clinical accuracy. 

Discover The
Top-Ten Threats to Rural Hospitals
and Strategies to Combat Them

Rural Health Challenges

Rural hospitals face unique challenges such as the lack of patient volume required to justify specialists in multiple modalities and often times the unwillingness of physicians to relocate to remote communities. Many times the high fixed costs associated with bringing specialists in-house is cost prohibitive for smaller medical facilities, such as Critical Access Hospitals. Typically, these organizations are forced to have diagnostic exams read by local specialists and family practice physicians which presents challenges in terms of study turnaround time, pricing, and patient referral pressures.

Ultimately, the result is diminished patient care and lost revenue for these medical facilities!

Ask Yourself?

Why COmpuMed?

Fast Turnaround

Increase Workforce Elasticity

Improve Patient Care

Enhance Service Offering & Revenue

Trusted Partner

Working with CompuMed for ECG and Echo readings can have a significant impact on a hospital’s bottom line, as well as patient care and satisfaction. With fast turnaround times, highly skilled physicians, and easy integration with existing systems, there’s no reason not to make the switch.


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Top-Ten Threats
to Rural Hospitals

and Strategies to Combat Them

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