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What can fast, actionable diagnostics do for you?

Experts at your fingertips

CompuMed Inc. offers on-demand access to expert physician specialists via our secure cloud technology and integrated medical devices.

We deliver world-class diagnostic exam interpretations anywhere, anytime and at the best possible value.

CompuMed currently services over 1,000 clinical settings including hospitals, occupational health clinics, urgent care centers, surgical centers, organ procurement organizations, rural clinics, correctional facilities, as well as branches of the U.S. Federal and State Government.


CompuMed's Diagnostic Telemedicine Solution

CompuMed leverages leading-edge technologies with our “best-of-the-best”, Board-Certified specialists
to deliver timely, actionable diagnostic exam interpretations.


Physician Network

CompuMed’s “best-of-the-best” specialists are highly experienced, U.S.-based, insured, and rigorously credentialed.



Our telemedicine infrastructure utilizes state-of-the-art software, a diagnostic tool suite, and an intelligent workflow.

24 / 7 / 365

Real-Time Support

Responsive customer support services including 24/7 call center, in-service training, and workflow management.

For your personalized telemedicine solution, contact us today!


Customize a Workflow that Works for you!

Upload Exams

Send DICOM images simply and securely to our HIPAA compliant, cloud-based portal

Timely Interpretations

CompuMed’s Board-Certified specialists review files and provide STAT reads 24/7

Reports Reviewed

CompuMed double-checks and verifies reports are accurate and complete

Automated Notifications

Automated notifications of your case’s progression and final report

What Our Clients Say

“How does it benefit us to work with y’all? I’m gonna say it in one word, okay? Speed!

“It’ll hit the EMR and just do what it’s supposed to do without anybody thinking. And that’s really what you want.”

“The way they structure the report makes it easy to quickly determine what the issue is.”

“We have a great team of cardiologists – but they take vacations, or they’re with a patient, or it’s the middle of the night. That’s when we send to CompuMed.”

“Before CompuMed, we sometimes waited forever for a report. After CompuMed, it goes where it needs to be – and it’s done.”

“CompuMed’s services have helped us immensely with turnaround time, ease of uploading studies, quick and accurate interpretations, and Critical Care Consults.”

“Working with CompuMed, we have been able to perform echocardiograms around the clock with the interpretations being done within the hour!”

“With the clock ticking and every second counting, we really appreciate the responsiveness CompuMed provides us and we are pleased with the accuracy of their echo interpretations.”

We know we’re going to get a consistent read.
We know that it’s going to be timely.
and it’s good quality.

References available upon request

More than 30 years of experience


Learn from CompuMed experts

CompuMed’s Board-Certified cardiologists have successfully completed more than two million ECG interpretations.


"We don’t just provide exceptional diagnostic interpretations – we ensure turnkey integration of our telemedicine solutions. In fact, we have coined the phrase “Integration-as-a-Service”. We really focus on what our customers are trying to accomplish, and then come up with innovative ways to improve their workflow effectiveness. Technology and processes change quickly, and there are often new solutions the customer may not be aware of.


Often, organizations get sold the latest technology that promises new revenue growth or cost savings, yet the results fall short due to ineffective integration with their current systems. Our forte is keeping up with the latest technological developments and finding ways to make them work, in real-time, for our customers."

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