CompuMed Inc. offers state-of-the-art telemedicine infrastructure, 24/7 support and a network of board-certified specialists to deliver world-class clinical care anywhere, anytime and at the best possible value. We currently provide diagnostic telemedicine solutions in cardiology, radiology, dermatology, pathology and diagnostic equipment.

Over the past 30 years, CompuMed’s board-certified cardiologists have successfully completed almost two million ECG interpretations.

CompuMed currently services over 1,000 clinical settings including hospitals, occupational health clinics, urgent care centers, surgical centers, organ procurement organizations, rural clinics, correctional facilities, as well as branches of the U.S. Federal and State Government.

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CompuMed's Telemedicine Solution


National Network of Board-Certified Specialists.CompuMed’s “best-of-the-best” specialists are highly experienced, U.S.-based, insured and rigorously credentialed.


State-Of-The-Art Cloud TechnologyOur telemedicine infrastructure utilizes state-of-the-art software, a comprehensive tool suite and an intelligent workflow.


24/7/365 Customer Support Comprehensive customer support services including 24/7 call center, in-service training, and workflow management.

How It Works

CompuMed works with our clients to set up a customized workflow designed around their unique needs. We also offer training and technical support to ensure our clients are able to fully utilize and integrate our services seamlessly into their workflow.


  1. Exams are sent, simply and securely, to CompuMed’s cloud-based customer portal
  2. CompuMed’s network of board-certified specialists retrieve and review associated files
  3. Specialists provide timely interpretation reports
  4. CompuMed double-checks, verifies, and then notifies client of final reports

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“CompuMed is an integrator… we’re agnostic to the customers’ system. We don’t do just simple tele-medicine. We really focus on what customers are trying to do and come up with ways to improve workflow effectiveness. Technology and processes change quickly and often times, there are solutions customers may not be aware of. Our forte is keeping up with the latest technological developments and finding ways to make it work in real-time for our customers.

All the time, organizations get sold the newest and latest devices that promise new revenue growth, but implementation and integration with their current workflow to make it useful often fall short of taking advantage of that.”

– Lee Keddie, CEO