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OPO Echo Training

Enhance Coordinator Effectiveness

OPO coordinators performing their own Echos increase the efficiency and timeliness of the donor heart evaluation

The Basic Echocardiography for the Transplant Coordinator Course will give medical professionals the ability to perform imaging of donor hearts via ultrasound to evaluate basic properties and cardiac anatomy. This symposium will provide attendees the tools and training to use ultrasound for transplant heart evaluation and optimize image acquisition protocol in challenging clinical environments. This groundbreaking and novel course will grant participants a certificate and CME credits upon completion.


  • Availability, Priority
  • Difficult getting Echos performed and read at Donor Hospital
  • Pushback on Serial Echos to determine heart function prior to making offers
  • File/Image Portability
  • Getting CDs burned with proper format and SR reporting
  • Difficulty in enabling transplant centers to remotely view the actual echo during provisional acceptance
  • Inconsistent Reads
  • Delays in allocation, some cases discarded organs
  • Increase in Recovery Centers (need Echos)

Specialized OPO Coordinator Training

OPO echo training

Echo Donor Protocol Training Videos


OPO Echo Training Benefits

For the Hospital

  • Reduce use of On-Call staff
  • Reduce Cardiologist Fatigue
  • Reduce stress on Unit

For the OPO

  • Greatly reduce reliance on Donor Hospitals
  • Better (More Informed/Timely) Donor Management
  • Increased Understanding/Decision making of OPO staff
  • Reduce Case Time & Cost (Meds, Labs, ICU)
  • Support OPO Donor Recovery Centers

For Transplant Teams

  • View full Echo imaging on mobile device
  • Consistent interpretations
  • Timely actionable information
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