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Expert Interpretations

Each of our U.S. Board-Certified Pathologists are highly skilled and have undergone our rigorous credentialing process. Their subspecialty expertise instills confidence in their reads and enables actionable decisions.

24/7/365 Availability

Compumed reading services are built for high urgency telemedicine situations. We offer STAT diagnostic turn-around times as well as critical care consultation. Our integrated customer portal connects you directly to our network of specialists giving you immediate access to their expertise.


telePathology Reading & Interpretation Services


Renal / Kidney



Microscopy Software Suite

CompuMed’s scanning software suite enables you to scan, analyze, annotate, and share your microscope images in the highest resolution. This comprehensive toolset is specifically designed for processing and sharing big data in digital microscopy. Uploading images to our integrated online portal or sharing them in real-time with LiveView is the perfect solution for telepathology interpretations, critical consults, second opinions, teaching, and presentations.

Easy Whole-Slide Scanning
  • Works with any microscope with high-speed camera and most hospital lab systems
  • Viewable on your local device or projector
  • Focus quality indicator facilitates high quality scans
  • Auto image-stitching algorithm compiles a high resolution (20X magnification) whole slide image – technology similar to Google Earth
  • Whole-image navigator preview window
Optimized for Image Sharing
  • Annotation tools allow feedback from colleagues and specialists
  • Compatible with a wide range of external devices (PC, Mac, and mobile devices)
  • Supports archiving in SVS, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, and BMP file formats
  • Integrated with CompuMed’s cloud-based portal
microscopy software screen

Leading-Edge Diagnostic Tools

Renal AI Analysis

Deep learning AI equips pathologists with powerful and cloud-based technology to advance their biopsy analysis tasks and workflows.

  • Detects high quality tissue
  • Identifies normal & sclerotic glomeruli
  • Calculates glomerular density
  • Improves speed & consistency of glomeruli evaluation
Curated & Linked Glomeruli

Biopsy interpretations provide compiled key images of identified Glomeruli. Each tagged Glomerulus is further classified as either Sclerotic or Non-Sclerotic and provides a link to drill down to its specific region on the biopsy slide.

  • Faster report review and validation
  • Color-coded annotations
  • Linked and organized glomeruli images


AI Virtual Staining

Virtual slide staining greatly reduces time and variability of manual slide staining.

  • Virtually stain slides in minutes
  • Standardize stain quality
  • Custom specialized stains
  • Preserve tissue
AI virtual biopsy staining
"Live-View" Collaboration

Share your current microscope image in real-time and at the highest resolution

  • Share with multiple recipients simultaneously
  •  Grant access for viewing and interacting by providing a private link
  • Software download is not required by viewing physicians
E-Learning Platform
  • Online e-learning platform for physicians and medical students
  • Can be integrated into existing courses and quizzes/exams, including Moodle, Blackboard, Ilias and all others.

Scanning Solutions

Our portable microscopes and digital camera options provide reliable, high-quality digital scans with the latest proven technology. The digital images can be securely uploaded to CompuMed’s integrated, cloud-based portal where you can review and share. Our digital scanners and cameras are available for purchase or lease.

Automated Slide Scanner

The Grundium Ocus® is a highly portable, fully-automated microscope solution that can easily scan and digitize biopsy specimens with excellent quality. The digital images can be securely uploaded to CompuMed’s integrated, cloud-based portal for reviewing and sharing.

  • Fully automated scanning of single 1″x3″ glass slide
  • Automatic stitching of scanned images
  • Automatic real-time focus



  • 7″ x 7″ x 7.5″
  • 7.7 lbs
  • Custom case fits in aircraft overhead bins
  • Battery or AC powered
  • Wifi and Ethernet connectivity
  • 500 GB internal storage
  • Integrated with CompuMed’s portal
  • Compatible with any PC, tablet, or smartphone
  • Collaborate remotely with “Live View”
Digital Microscopy Camera

CompuMed offers a camera adapter solution that allows you to easily digitize, store and share biopsy images. The Digital Microscope Camera can be mounted on a microscope and produces high-quality digital images quickly and reliably. Once images have been digitized, they are uploaded to CompuMed’s cloud portal, enabling secure storage and sharing.

digital microscope camera adapter
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