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OPO Testimonials

Fast, Personal Service

“My coworker and I discussed how much of a pleasure it has been to work with your company. We utilize Compumed for Echo reads and almost always receive our echos within 90 minutes, oftentimes even less than that. Being able to outsource this from the hospital has made obtaining echos for our donors easier as I no longer need to find a cooperating on-call cardiologist to even get the echo order. We also talked about how much of an asset Dr. Shiroff has been, and I even had the pleasure to talk with him within the last week and he was wonderful enough to talk through heart recruitment with me in hopes that we would have been able to place the heart.”

True Partnership for Growth

“We have a true partnership with CompuMed. We partner on everything from development of services to providing education. The CompuMed team has proven to be available at any time to answer questions, troubleshoot problems on top of their diagnostic readings.”

“As we’re growing as an organization, CompuMed has grown with us. This has been helpful because there’s a lot of things that we’ve done differently since we started our partnership with CompuMed, our needs have changed, and they’ve always been able to support our growth.”

Echo Training Provides Autonomy with Confidence

“Without the echo training that CompuMed provides we’d have to rely on a tech or physician to come in but now we don’t have to wait and we have the confidence in our team…we wouldn’t be able to do the serial diagnostic exams that we’re able to do now. We wouldn’t be able to produce the best images or be able to get those organs transplanted.”

Genuine Care in our Mission

“They provide 24hr service and support, a scanning microscope, and great TAT.  They also provide monthly feedback to us on the quality of the slides. They even had a Pathology Assistant come onsite and give some pointers to the staff and help with workflow optimization. They are not just another vendor providing a needed service, they genuinely care and want us to be successful. They are just as much invested in our mission as we are.”

Quality Assurance with Solutions

“CompuMed’s customer services and quality assurance is something I respect most about them. Those two things are extremely important and something the CompuMed team does a great job at. They’re always available and respond quickly and they also do an in-depth review after the fact to find out if they could do better and bring solutions or new innovations forward.”

World's First "HOPE Act" Transplant

“We were a part of the world’s first HOPE Act (HIV+ to HIV+) donor heart transplant. The Echo was performed by our own coordinator trained by the CompuMed program and read by Dr. Vadali (CompuMed). I feel it’s a monumental moment! You can see the difference that it makes and it’s an awesome story!”​

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Doubled Number of Donor Hearts Recovered

“CompuMed’s services have helped us immensely with turnaround time, ease of uploading studies, quick and accurate interpretations, and Critical Care Consults that have helped us to place more hearts than in years past. We especially like partnering with CompuMed because their team is dedicated, available at a moment’s notice 24/7, and very responsive.”​

Saving Lives

“We have had limited ability to perform echocardiograms outside of normal clinic hours for years. Now that we have been working with CompuMed, we have been able to perform echocardiograms around the clock with the interpretations being done within the hour. We have been able to decrease our case time and maximize our organ yield leading to more lives being saved.”​

STAT and 24/7 Echo Interpretations

“With the clock ticking and every second counting, we really appreciate the responsiveness and turnaround times CompuMed provides us and we are pleased with the accuracy of their echo interpretations. They have really helped us expedite organ donor management and stay on track with organ allocation goals.”​

Echo Training Helps Recover More Hearts

“I just wanted to pass along my sincere thank you on behalf of ConnectLife and the recipients whose lives these transplants have impacted. I feel gratitude each day for being able to be so close to our mission when it comes to taking care of the donor and donor families and I just wanted to make sure you (CompuMed) knew how impactful your hard work and dedication is to the OPO and transplant world.”​

Vastly Improved Placement of Donor Hearts

“We were having a lot of difficulty getting a hospital to provide echos on potential heart donors and were not able to get repeat echos. It (echo training) has been huge to be able to do multiple echos. Also, the feedback from Dr. Shiroff has benefited us in our donor management intervention.”​

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