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Slide Savvy – Minimizing Freezing Artifact on Frozen Section Slides

This webinar on frozen section biopsies focuses on the nuanced examination of Freezing Artifact. In the realm of OPO intraoperative pathology, swift and accurate diagnosis is paramount, yet freezing artifact pose unique challenges.

In this webinar Pathologist Assistant, Fernando Chang, renowned for his expertise in frozen section analysis, will guide you through a series of real-life biopsy cases.

Who is this for?

Donor & Transplant Professionals

Donor Center Lab Technicians

  • Exploration of freezing artifact in biopsy slides: Types, mechanisms, and manifestations
  • Case-based analysis: Unraveling freezing artifact mysteries through real-life examples
  • Strategies for differentiating freezing artifact from pathological features
  • Understanding limitation on interpretations of frozen sections with severe freezing artifact
  • Optimization of slide preparation techniques to minimize freezing artifact occurrence
  • Interactive session: Addressing specific challenges and queries from participants

Fernando Chang IMG

Lead Pathologist Assistant - Surgical Pathology Department -
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at University Hospital Newark NJ
Rutgers Medical School
Summit Health
Atlantic Health Care System
RWJ Barnabas Healthcare system

Drawing from methodologies pioneered by the late Dr. Stephen Peters, Fernando collaborates with the Rutgers NJMS Pathology Residency program main surgical pathology and autopsy rotation at University Hospital. Here, he imparts innovative techniques in Anatomic Pathology Rotation, Frozen Sections, and the utilization of Telepathology Aperio Scan Scope. With more than 17 years of experience, Fernando has a wealth of expertise in working closely with OPOs.

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