Revolutionizing Rural Healthcare Delivery

Telemedicine for Rural Health

CompuMed is revolutionizing the delivery of healthcare within rural communities. Rural hospitals face unique challenges such as the lack of patient volume required to justify specialists in multiple modalities and often times the unwillingness of physicians to relocate to remote communities. Many times the high fixed costs associated with bringing specialists in-house is cost prohibitive for smaller medical facilities, such as Critical Access Hospitals. Typically, these organizations are forced to have diagnostic exams read by local specialists and family practice physicians which presents challenges in terms of study turnaround time, pricing, and patient referral pressures.

Ultimately, the result is diminished patient care and lost revenue for these medical facilities.

CompuMed’s Rural Health Enterprise Telemedicine Solution leverages state-of-the-art cloud technology and world-class specialists to:

  • Improve Turnaround Times of Diagnostic Exams
  • Lower Costs of Healthcare Delivery
  • Improve Clinical Care
  • Lower Readmission Rates

CompuMed provides rural medical facilities with direct access to specialists for diagnostic exam interpretations and clinical consultations using video technology.  This scalable solution can be utilized by hospitals as needed such as 24/7, during peak periods, after hours, or during times when in-house specialists are on vacation.