Data Extraction and Transmittal

The first step in CompuMed’s telemedicine solution is actually solving the many issues that can arise when attempting to release data from various medical facilities. CompuMed has been devoted to developing tools to eliminate these and other frustrations of our clients.

Some of the roadblocks of data extraction that we solve are:

  1. Security protocols
  2. Network availability – inaccessible, unreliable, or too slow
  3. Digital exam file size (can be 500MB or more) and complexity
  4. Wide range of formats including digital and hard-copy

Once the study data has been uploaded we provide automated notifications as your case progresses through our system. Each case is monitored throughout the process by our 24/7 response center enabling responsive assistance if an issue arises.

Centralized Study Data

CompuMed’s single sign-on system integrates with electronic medical record (EMR) and picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) enabling the collection of all pertinent patient information and imaging into a centralized location.

Hardware Independent

CompuMed’s architecture is hardware independent. Therefore, your organization can minimize capital expenditures by utilizing existing medical devices. Our strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as GE Healthcare, enable us to provide fully integrated medical devices as part of CompuMed’s solutions.

CompuMed’s “zero-footprint”, web-based software does not require local installation and eliminates users’ responsibility to continually install version updates.

Compumed online data management is modality and hardware indepentant - Echo, CT, EKG, MRI, Ultrasound, X-Ray

Network Cybersecurity

CompuMed’s technical infrastructure automates the process of accessing our network of specialists and collaborating within your organization securely. Our cybersecurity solutions provide HIPAA compliant encryption and rights management to protect your data online and during transfer.

Data Storage and Analytics

CompuMed’s cloud-based architecture offers robust data capacity enabling online file storage for 5 years or longer, along with multiple options to download onto your local devices. The retention of study data enables our software to apply analytics and generate insights that can help organizations visualize and improve decision management.