24/7/365 Availability

CompuMed is built around high-urgency telemedicine. We offer a wide-range of diagnostic turn-around times that include STAT 1-hour, STAT 30-minutes and Critical Care Consult. We guarantee our specialists will be responsive for even the most urgent and inopportune instances.

Compumed telemedicine physician credentialing process - Licensed, Insured, Boarded

Expert Knowledge

Every one of our “best-of-the-best”, Board-Certified specialists are highly experienced, U.S.-based, insured and have undergone our rigorous credentialing process. CompuMed’s full value is reached by the specialized knowledge and experience that each of our specialists bring from their healthcare sector.

Value-Based Services

CompuMed’s optimized systems and processes enable us to utilize our specialists expertise without burdening them with non-critical overhead—giving our clients the best value.

Our infrastructure enables continuous, end-to-end quality improvements through multi-channel feedback.  Our specialists provide ongoing, direct feedback and quality assurance for each exam preformed by your technicians (i.e. denote suboptimal images, offer helpful techniques, etc.) enabling better interpretations. In some cases, our specialists become the supervising physician for our clients. Feedback is also strongly encouraged from our clients/patients relating to quality of services and accuracy of interpretations.