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Mortara ELI 100


Call for Pricing: 310-258-5000

  • 40 ECG internal storage capacity
  • Patient cables and leads
  • Power cord
  • 30 Day warranty

Features and Benefits

Mortara Instrument’s ELI 100 is a portable interpretive electrocardiograph designed to be fast and easy to use. It acquires and prints a 12-lead ECG at the touch of a single key. The printout, on 108mm wide paper, offers a variety of formats:3 or 4 channel in automatic mode and 3 or 6 channel during rhythm recording.convenience users require.

The ELI 100’s lead fail detection and signal quality check ensureoptimal signal acquisition, reducing the need for ECG re-acquisition and thereby lowering operating expenses.

Its LCD presents the user friendly interface which prompts the user for commands and displays the unit’s status. The full alphanumeric keyboard increases staff efficiency by making patient data entry fast and simple.