GE Vivid e


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High Performance Quality. Low Capital Investment.

You can get excellent imaging in a solution that’s still economical, all in a smart ultrasound system that works for any clinical environment.With comprehensive cardiac functionality, you can use Vivid e as either a primary or secondary diagnostic system. Its shared service capabilities include vascular, abdominal, and OB/GYN imaging.

Productivity Tools Help Improve Your Workflow.

Now you can have the ability to work smarter and faster. The Vivid e supports a streamlined user interface that facilitates efficient workflow during your ultrasound examinations. Productivity is increased with tools including:

1) Multi-image review, a comprehensive measurement and analysis package
2) Integrated reporting

These tools, in addition to the non-imaging CW pedoff transducer, can help even the busiest accredited environment.Productivity tools help improve your workflow.