Medical Devices


NEW CardioGram System 907 is a state of the art system with specialized functions designed for the needs of rural healthcare and surgical center providers, as well as correctional customers. The System 907 is the result of a collaboration with GE Healthcare and represents the next generation of ECG systems featuring extreme telecommunication capabilities, ultra portability and compact form factors and extreme ease of use with the most sophisticated interpretation algorithms for unparalleled diagnostic accuracy. These systems represent a generational improvement over existing technologies on the market today.

CompuMed is providing GE Healthcare’s Vscan as an integrated part of its Enterprise Telemedicine Solution. Vscan is a handheld, pocket-sized visualization tool that houses ultrasound technology, which strengthens the clinical confidence of physicians and aids in speedy diagnosis. This unique, easy-to-use device provides a non-invasive look inside the body, for immediate visual validation.

CompuMed’s Enterprise Telemedicine Solution enables Vscan cardiac, abdomen, and OB/GYN related ultrasound images to be interpreted by its national network of Board-Certified specialists in real time.